Fate of the Five

Our story begins in the small town of Asylum in the Northern Reach. Drought has brought the town to its knees, something the undead of the Desolation haven't been able to do. Fate has designs on this town as five band together to find their place in the world.

The Game Master

That's me, Dave Hanlon! I've got another site, mumfordland, where I do a bit of writing and occasionally post about things I'm working on. I've been running RPGs for a while now.

The characters

  • Aeryn, Human Revenant - Mark
    • Murdered by his brother, Jaren, he is back for vengeance. Turns out, his brother also took his wife and son in and his daughter is gone.
  • Light of Feathers, Elf - Troy
    • Befriended Aeryn a long time ago, and now he's back! But why?
  • Shart, Goblin - Jim
    • Shart somehow accidentally killed his entire clan. Now he likes to cause trouble in Asylum.
  • Krunk, Orc - Trina
    • This newcomer to Asylum was hired to kill the local magistrate, Jaren.
  • Azeeze, Centaur - Jason
    • Azeeze clippity-clopped into town several years ago and didn't mind the area. However, he's been thinking of moving on since the drought has nearly killed the town.

Former characters

  • Chert, Gnome - Troy
    • This little gnome escaped from his home and has been hanging out in Asylum ever since.
    • RIP: Killed in one vicious blow by a chainbound. At least he looked cool when he died.

Campaign history

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